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By Todd Gates

I was thinking the other day about human movement patterns and how they change over time. I have been to many lectures throughout my career. I’ve heard many speak on this topic such as Grey Cook, Alwyn Cosgrove, Al Vermeil just to name a few and the list goes on. All of the lectures were geared to fitness professionals so we could learn, get better and apply our new knowledge to our clients or athletes. The common denominator in most of the lectures were about getting your client to feel better or move better through different training protocols or insight into how the body responds to those training protocols. The main goal of a strength coach is to get our athletes to move more efficiently and prevent injury. In my mind that should be the goal for everyone especially the population who no longer plays a sport on a regular basis and just goes to work and comes home. Read More 


By Todd Gates

Over the holidays I was home visiting my family in Massachusetts. My nearly 80yr old father who looks like he is in his 60’s was showing me his latest Tai Chi movements but was having a hard time with his kicks. He said balancing on one leg was difficult for him and his foot was also tingling. Me being a strength coach I started to think about my father’s movement patterns. Hmmm zilch, nada, zero. My father sits morning, noon and night. Whether it’s watching tv, at his computer or work he sits and unfortunately my father is like most Americans. We sit way too much and it is killing our body. The average person sits 13 hours a day. No wonder we have an obesity problem in this country. Read More