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Personal Training

Get The Attention You Need To Stay Safe And Get In Shape

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Why Choose Body Image Fitness for Your Personal Fitness Needs?

  • Initial assessments to ensure you start off on the right foot and avoid injury.
  • NASM nationally certified trainers who will motivate and work with you.
  • Personalized fitness plan based on your goals
  • Never crowded so you get a more effective workout in less time.
  • Convenient location in Williston Park
  • Fun, encouraging and motivating environment!
  • And more!
Jason and Kristy

At Body Image Fitness we’re not your everyday gym.

At our fitness center, we've got your back! We're not just about setting up equipment and leaving you on your own. Nope, we're here to be your guides and cheerleaders! Together, we'll create a special fitness plan just for you! And guess what? We'll be with you every step of the way to help you reach your goals! Our programs are all about having FUN while getting awesome results! And our trainers? They're not here to yell at you - they're here to cheer you on!

So, get ready to rock and roll with us on this fantastic fitness journey! Let's make your dreams come true!

Our Process

A well-defined process, and sticking to it, is the key to success when it comes to meeting your fitness goals.

Here are some of the key components of how we design your fitness program:

1) Initial Consultation

We're like fitness superheroes, on a mission to make your dreams come true!

When we meet, we'll figure out exactly what YOU need for your fitness journey. Want to lose weight fast? We'll amp up the conditioning! Looking to get super strong with lean muscles? Then, we'll focus on strength training!

We'll meet you halfway - giving you what you want and what you need! We've got the coaching, motivation, and perfect plan to get you there!

Ready for this awesome adventure? Let's team up and make your fitness dreams a reality!


2) Identify Pattern Overloads or Potential Dysfunctions

We wanna know all about your work, home-life, hobbies - everything! Why? 'Cause it helps us figure out what might be tricky in reaching your fitness goals. Like, if you sit a lot at work, your hamstrings and lower back might feel tight! But don't worry, we've got your back!

Knowing these things helps us create a special plan just for you! We'll work on those potential tricky areas and give you total body wellness.

3) Body Composition Analysis

Did you know we have a cool way to figure out how strong and healthy you are? It's like a secret fitness formula!

We check your weight, measure around your body, and use special testing to see your lean body mass to fat ratio. Then, together, we set your ideal goal!

Here's the best part - by reducing your body fat percentage, you'll get that super cool lean, toned body! Plus, it's fantastic for your overall health too!

Exciting, right? 

4) Movement Assessment

Our cool movement assessment is like a fitness detective mission! We check for tight and weak muscles in your body. We even test your upper and lower body, and your super-strong core!

And guess what? We create a special timeline just for you! It's like a magical map that shows how we'll reach your fitness dreams together.

You'll stay super motivated, knowing awesome things are coming your way at a specific point!

5) Nutrition Strategy

Ready to rock your fitness goals? Well, guess what? Nutrition is super important for reaching them! Say you wanna build muscles instead of losing weight. Your diet plan will be totally different! That's where nutrition and personal training join forces.

Our awesome coaches will team up with you to find the PERFECT balance of fats, proteins, and carbs. It's like a tasty puzzle for your body to reach those fitness dreams!

Get pumped and let's work together to make your fitness goals a delicious reality!

6) App Integration

With the Body Image Fitness app, we'll supercharge your personalized fitness plan! It's like a special secret weapon just for you! But guess what? You can also use it all by itself! It's like a super cool standalone product!

Even if you can't come to the gym, no worries! The app keeps you on track with your fitness and nutrition goals! It's like a monthly lesson plan that helps you stay accountable and stay on course!


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