1. Your Guide to a Healthy Gut

    Gut health seems to be a trending topic these days and with very good reason. More and more research is coming out proving just how important a healthy gut is for your overall well-being. Scientists have now linked bad bacteria in your gut to many illnesses including diabetes, heart disease, obesity…Read More

  2. Which “Client Type” Are You?

    By Jason Nelson. NASM – MT, CPT, CES, PES, SFS. When it comes to fitness getting a trainer or a coach is important, but it doesn't stop there. At the end of the day we provide the tools, but to cut a tree you've got to swing the axe. Read on to evaluate which “client profile” fits better to un…Read More

  3. The Components of the Cumulative Injury and How It Impacts Movement

    By Jason Nelson. NASM – MT, CPT, CES, PES, SFS. Human movement happens in the sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. Due to effects of modern living and technological advances, most of our daily movements occur predominantly in the sagittal plane. Sitting at work, typing and the ever smarter sma…Read More

  4. Sleep and How It Affects Your Health

    I am sure you have had family, friends or doctors tell you at some time or another just how important sleep is to your health, but has anybody ever really gotten into the why? The long-term effects of sleep deprivation negatively affect your health and the research corroborates it. According to the …Read More

  5. New to the Gym? 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions

    By Kristy Semonella. CPT, LMT. You signed up for a gym membership, you bought new workout clothes, you have a fresh pair of kicks and you even downloaded your favorite playlist to get you going! You’re all set and ready to go but now what? For many who are starting their health and fitness journey…Read More